Top 5 Reasons to use iDigMedia robots for onsite image hosting:
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- Ad Agency
- Corp. Graphics
- Libraries
- Photographers
- Printers

1. You only host images within your company's firewall.

Onsite iDigMedia Robots will host and deliver your files, i.e. stock photos, eps files, PowerPoint files, high resolutions photos, etc., within your company's network for quicker access and high security. Your company representatives will be able to download files at maximum throughput of your network without having to worry about Internet latency or speed. They can even download images from your digital asset management system via a VPN connection. iDigMedia Robots can give your company a turnkey digital asset management system for all your company's data without having to worry about rogue outside access.

2. Your data needs to remain on-site within your company's offices.

With your data onsite, you have the assurance that all archive media is accounted for and distributed only to those who are authorized. iDigMedia Robots will consolidate your entire DVD and CD library storage into one central location so that no disks will be lost again.

A Digital Asset Management System or nearline storage
3. You have a digital librarian on staff.

Many companies already have a digital librarian hired and trained. There is no need for the librarian to learn new terms and procedures; onsite robots will compliment the work the librarian is already doing. The iDigMedia Robots will ease deliverance of company assets to the staff while your librarian makes digital assets easier to find.

4. Your company can afford the initial costs which your virtual library requires.

The iDigMedia Portal Service was created to centralize our robots on the web so that customers can achieve their digital asset management goals without the costly outlay of capital and ongoing maintenance. However, corporations may find it more cost effective to purchase the iDigMedia Robots and it's associated nearline storage hardware; the typical cost starts around $40,000 and may increase depending on the amount of data that needs to be made accessible.

5. Live company data can be indexed as well as archive media.

With iDigMedia Robot onsite and in a fast network environment, your live data can be indexed and searched by your company representatives. Imagine allowing your department's customers to view a thumbnail gallery of your work in progress. With this advanced feature, you can provide your customer updates via the web or with the client. iDigMedia Robots will make it easier to display work in progress without having to constantly create and attach preview document for delivery via email.

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