Top 5 Reasons to use iDigMedia for large image hosting to your professional web site:
See how these types of customers use iDigMedia:

- Ad Agency
- Corp. Graphics
- Libraries
- Photographers
- Printers

1. Your customers can access your files via your website.

Imagine letting your customers view or buy your:
  • high resolutions pictures,
  • download video clips,
  • EPS files, and
  • stock photo library,
through a thumbnail gallery portal on your website, with no effort or interruptions to find and present your media to the customer.

With a simple HTML frame reference, iDigMedia can incorporate into your website a full media browser, search capability, download mechanism, and point-of-sale, for all your archived media. Your customers can browse your files 24x7 and only you will know that iDigMedia is doing the work behind the scenes.

2. A cost effective way to provide large image hosting on the web.

large image hosting thumbnail gallery
The cost of hosting a single high resolution image (for example: a 200 Megabyte file) can be prohibitively expensive-- perhaps $70 per year for that one (1) single file. The only other alternative for distributing that large file is to burn and mail each CD yourself; most organizations that do these manual disk mail-outs NEVER recoup their labor and shipping costs. Instead of sending that disk to your customer, send it to iDigMedia and we'll make it available to all your customers through your web site! Now, you'll have an inexpensive way to host lots of large files for web access.

free thumbnail gallery for your archived media
3. You can turn past costs into future profits.

You'll be able to recover many of your media development costs by providing a secure point-of-sale to your hosted files. iDigMedia can assign a cost to each media file OR you can allow your files to be downloaded for free.

4. An economical way to host your rare files on the web.

Most organizations have stacks of archive data CDs or DVDs laying around the office that are not organized and could otherwise be used to achieve revenue. iDigMedia will index and organize those disks with a free thumbnail gallery and place them into a CD/DVD jukebox slots for your access. In other words, iDigMedia is leasing slots in a jukebox instead of hard drive space; this methodology is a very economical way to host and distribute rarely used files via the web.

5. You can track all the files your customers download.

You'll have the ability to track all the files downloaded by your customers through iDigMedia. You'll be able to monitor the usage of your website for performance improvement and to calculate return on investment. You can further expand the tracking to link in-house systems to iDigMedia via a customer ID or email address of your choosing. Whether your organization is a stickler for metrics, or you just want to know which files are being requested, iDigMedia will help you collect and analyze your results.

To get started serving your data files to the web, please go to our Getting Started page. For questions, please refer to our FAQ or contact us using the information below.

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