Here's how iDigMedia works:

"Jukebox to the Web"

iDigMedia is like no other digital media hosting service because it stores and hosts data from a CD or DVD library storage facility. When the customer, visiting your website, selects a file from a thunbnail gallery, the corresponding disk is automatically loaded into a drive and the target file made available for download. Other DVD hosting services dedicate a full drive to your disk thus increasing costs. iDigMedia is the only known web service to have perfected this "CD/DVD Archive to the Web" process.

iDigMedia makes this extraordinary service possible by combining four of the "best of breed" products from Assured Solutions:
  • Auto-SORT®--Indexing & Search
  • Auto-MART®--Vending
  • Auto-VIEW®--Distributing
  • AutoFLOW®--Processing
"Auto-SORT®--Search" searches indexed catalogs for specific keywords and returns the associated files for selection by your customer.

"Auto-SORT®--Indexing" catalogs each new archive disk in a Media Asset Management System and indexes your media for retrieval . The resulting web page will have a table of your thumbnails for your customer to browse.
"Auto-FLOW®--Processing" integrates multiple software and web applications to automate the process of moving data between them. It uses "hooks" included in network software by the developers to "talk" to other programs so that images can be purchased on-line by your customers.

"Auto-MART®--Vending" is an automated vending machine giving your customer 24/7 access to browse and select their image files from your web site.
Auto-VIEW®--Distributing is a distribution assistant giving your customers 24x7 download access to selected files while giving you feedback on their activity to profit from their action.

Start your digital media hosting service
How to link your website to the jukebox

Connecting your web site to the iDigMedia service is as simple as substituting the code we give you in the URL:<your vendor code>/.

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