Top 5 Reasons to allow iDigMedia to manage your Mac Server:

1. Colocate your MacMini or XServer for $35 per month.

Call Us to Start Hosting a Mac
This is an inexpensive way to host your dedicated servers outside of your company's firewall for ease of client access from the Internet. We will also include consulting and other minor configuration changes to your equipment. We can extend these prices to you because iDigMedia is an all Macintosh web service; adding another computer to our mix is easy and a no-brainer for our technicians. Your Mac OS X Server will get the same attention as all other iDigMedia servers.

If you don't have a computer to use as your colocation server, you may lease one of our Macintosh Servers:
  • MacMini are $115 per month
  • XServes are $175 per month
Our $125 setup fee is waved on all pre-payments of 12 months or more!

2. Use all the functions of your Mac Server Hosting service.

MacOS Web Service MacOS File Sharing MacOS Apple Email Hosting MacOS QuickTime Broadcasting
OSX Webserver Appleshare Server OSX Mailserver QuickTime Broadcasting

MacOS Wiki Hosting Service MacOS iCal DAV Server Hosting Service MacOS iChat Server MacOS and Exchange Directory Service MacOS VPN Service Concentrator
OS X Server Wiki OS X Server iCal OS X Server iChat Directory OS X Server OS X Server VPN

Above are just a few of the OSX Hosting Services available to you. The current version of the Mac OS X Server has over 20 services built-in! As a customer of ours, you may use as many or as few Macintosh Hosting Services as you'd like.

3. We keep your Macintosh Server up-to-date.

iDigMedia's server maintenance processes are automated for a Panther Server, Tiger Server, or Leopard Server. That means, we can add your server into the mix with little effort/downtime. Every month, we perform these services on hosting Macs:
MacOS Lepoard Server Updates
  • Notify you when maintenance will be occurring
  • A complete server backup
  • Check for hard drive corruption
  • Correct any permissions that have been corrupted
  • Install all security patches released from Apple
  • Update any software your server relies on
  • Notify you of the results of our maintenance

4. We constantly watch your OSX Server services and respond to problems.

24 hour Constantly Monitoring Servers for downtime
We constantly monitor our servers from a third party Internet Service Provider. If any computer goes down or a process fails, a technician is paged with the information required to troubleshoot the problem. From this information, the technician will contact you (our customer) for a quick assessment of the time to resolution. He will again contact you when the problem is resolved; if more troubleshooting is required, he will update you of the new time to resolution.

Hot swap other MacOS Servers or an XServe by merely colocating another computer!

Cheap Internet Bandwidth
5. We have no bandwidth caps or surcharges.

We have never had bandwidth limits placed on us. Therefore, we don't place bandwidth limits on you. Our Internet connection gets 44 Mbs burstable bandwidth and 8 Mbs of sustainable bandwidth. You are welcome to stream your video, audio, or other legal content as you desire. If you actually rock our Internet connection, then we'll work with you to get you on our second subnet.

We will work with you to get the bandwidth you need without a surcharge on the bandwidth you've already used!

To get started hosting your websites on a Macintosh,
please Contact Us at our information request line of 214-747-4411.

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