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  • Ad Agencies - Increase your company worth
  • Corporate Graphics Department - Decrease field brand delivery costs
  • Libraries - Host rarely used files on the web
  • Photographers - Put your whole photo archive online
  • Printing Companies - Allow customers to access their print jobs

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agency digital asset management
Advertising Agencies - Agencies store their closed jobs on CD or DVDs. It's not unusual to see stacks of disks lying around the office, unaccounted for, or possibly lost. The high-resolution graphics on those disks cost thousands of dollars to create. iDigMedia helps your Designers repurpose those images for other jobs by indexing the disks for easy viewing and retrieval. iDigMedia can also help you deliver those images back to your customers, or other media buyers, when requested without taking up your Designer's valuable billable time. With proper tracking provided by iDigMedia, and the right training by your accounting staff, each reused file can be applied to your company's chart of account records.

offsite data storage
In this example, there are four different examples of login-customers from which to choose. Once selected and the login button clicked, select the "Files" link to see the service provided by iDigMedia. Each login customer has different thumbnails. No customer sees the images of another customer. "Agency Staff Login" can see all customers and other archived image thumbnails. This example site only employs basic features of iDigMedia.

corporate brand identity
Corporate Graphic Departments - Like Ad Agencies, Graphic Departments also store their closed jobs on CD or DVDs, but they too have the need to distribute their work to field representatives and other external support companies. iDigMedia gives those departments the perfect storage and distribution means to fulfill these needs.

Graphic Design Services
In this example, you only need to click on the "download graphics" link to see a hierarchical structure of products. Navigate this structure down to the thumbnails and download your choice of images. The hierarchical structure, thumbnail display, and delivery of images are basic features of iDigMedia.

genealogy site
Libraries - Libraries have vast stores of information, many of which are rarely needed but required to be accessible at the moment of request. Maintaining and organizing this information is expensive, in warehouse costs, employee costs, and information loss when originals are not returned. Keeping this information on-line could be expensive too. Fortunately, iDigMedia can host historical documents on-line for a fraction of the cost of typical hosting services.

In this example site, Census and Surveys from the turn of the 20th century show examples of iDigMedia's basic services. There is also a link to a live site where over 20,000 obituary files of Kaufman County, Texas, have been scanned, indexed, and stored on-line. This live site hosts files on-line instead of from disk; an advanced feature offered by iDigMedia.

professional business web hosting
Photographers - As Photographers move farther into the electronic age and divorce themselves from the film age, they are greeted by file formats, file organization, file retrieval, and growing file sizes the likes of which few seasoned techies have ever dealt with. By nature, Photographers are typically small businesses who can't afford hire the knowledgeable technicians which their data maintenance requires.

iDigMedia is specially designed to help photographers present their entire photo library in new and better ways while
Sell Stock Photo
lightening the load of marketing your creations.

Our photographer site is intended to show case only the stock photo web site with thumbnail gallery post, search, and download mechanism. Our example site only has couple of hundred thumbnails; your photography site is expected to have tens of thousands of gallery posts as well as a complete keywords for image searches.


Commercial Printers - Printing Companies become a kind of "backup solution" for their customers. Many customers believe that once the job is printed, the files are no longer important nor does the customer take a pro-active stance to secure the files for later retrieval. Sure enough, the customer will want their data files back so that they do not have to start from scratch on the next print job. The customer often expects these data file requests to be provided for free as an indication of continued pationage. Using the data hosting services of iDigMedia with it's Sister service, RemoteArchiving.com, Printing Companies can provide secure archive and retieval of print jobs to their customer.

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