Online Photo Album Example Site:

iDigMedia has created this example web site to help Photographers get acquainted with our online digital photo storage services and capabilities. This example site is intended to showcase a large set of media stock photos; if your needs extend beyond what you see here, please contact us and discuss how we may serve you better.

Focus on your photography, not your data storage
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As Photographers move farther into the electronic age and divorce themselves from the film age, they are greeted by file formats, file organization, file retrieval, and growing file sizes the likes of which few seasoned techies have ever dealt with. By nature, Photographers are typically small businesses who can't afford hire the knowledgeable technicians which their data maintenance requires.

iDigMedia would like to become your data maintenance technician so that you may focus your attention on getting the right shot for your customer.

Your customers can access your online photo storage via your website

Your customers can view, buy, and download pictures from your company's entire stock photo library through a portal on your website, with no effort on your part. No more interruptions or effort to find and present your photographs. Your customers can browse your online digital photo album 24x7 and only you will know that iDigMedia is doing the work behind the scenes.

Put all your images online photo gallery for your customer to peruse

There are hundreds of digital online photo hosting services on the web. Most of the sites that provide free media hosting are targeted toward the casual photographer. Those Internet services that provide web sites for professional photographers will often display your "picture of the day" or "latest work" on your home page. However, rarely do they put all your photography online because your large image hosting requires a large maintenance commitment. iDigMedia does not have those same technical commitments because we host from nearline storage on CD or DVD data disks. iDigMedia will incorporate into your professional business web site a full media browser, search capability, download mechanism, and point-of-sale, for your entire stock photo library.

Archive and forward your images to your customers

Professional thumbnail gallery posts for photographers
Most photographers produce a photo shoot and then send those job files to the customer on CD, DVD, or via FTP. Then, the customer often has to open each job file to see which product is represented. For customers, searching through large files without thumbnails is a frustrating experience. Through one of our advanced services, iDigMedia will allow you to upload your images to a secure hosting site where thumbnails of your files will be automatically created and your customer can peruse those thumbnails and download the file(s) of their choosing.

For those photographers or customers who prefer to receive their job files on optical media, iDigMedia has a sister service called that performs a similar function. can automatically upload your job files from your company server or computer, burn them to CD or DVD data disks, index the disk with thumbnails, and then forward one copy of the disk to the customer and forward a second copy of the disk to you, the photographer.

Sell Stock Photos from your photography web site

Our goal is to help you recover some of your photography costs by providing a secure point-of-sale to your online photo gallery. iDigMedia can assign a cost to each image for sale OR you can allow for free image downloads.

iDigMedia will help you identify and collect your metrics on your digital media files

It is important to know which photographs are in demand. Therefore, iDigMedia has the ability to track all pictures downloaded by your customers and report those statistics back to you. You'll be able to monitor the usage of your website for performance improvement and to calculate return on investment. You can further expand the tracking to link in-house systems to iDigMedia via a customer ID or email address of your choosing.

Use iDigMedia as a turnkey Digital Asset Management System

For a significantly reduced fee, we will host thumbnails of your archived media on our servers WITHOUT hosting the physical media disks. This is a very cost effective solution for photographers that want access to a thumbnail gallery of their work but also want to maintain those files on at their own offices. Please contact us at our information support line, , or 214/747-4411, for further details.

We do not expect you to always host the same disk year after year; especially those disks that do not meet your return on investment requirements. However, for any disk hosted with us for at least 12 consecutive months, we will also host the associated thumbnail gallery posts for no additional charge as long as you are our customer. iDigMedia will maintain one central thumbnail gallery for all your photographs.

The Photography Example Site
Sell stock photos online

Please click here to go to the example website. This photography site is intended to showcase only the stock photo web site with thumbnail gallery post, search, and image download mechanism. Our example site only has couple of hundred thumbnails; your photography site is likely to have tens to hundreds of thousands of gallery posts as well as complete keywords for image searches.

Begin your online digital photo storage with all your stock photography

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