Library Example Site:

iDigMedia has created this example web site to help Libraries get acquainted with our services and capabilities. Our example site shows only our most basic of services; however, we do provide a link to one of our more advanced customer's site. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us.

Host your data from CD or DVD Library Storage

Library material, in its basic nature, doesn't change. This makes iDigMedia an ideal place to host your genealogy resource files, video download files, and ebooks to the public via a free online library. We'll take the disk media you receive straight from your source and host that disk on-line. Or, you may fill up a disk with as many titles as possible and we'll host it on-line.

Our servers can dispense ANY kind of genealogy resource, PDF file, ebook, etc., to the customer that would otherwise have to be requested in person.

Cost effective storage of library reference files

Libraries have vast stores of information, many of which are rarely needed but required to be accessible at the moment of request. Maintaining and organizing this information is expensive, in warehouse costs, employee costs, and information loss when originals are not returned. Keeping this information on-line could be expensive too. Fortunately, iDigMedia can host a virtual library online for a fraction of the cost of typical hosting services.

Collect your metrics on your library files

All Libraries, whether for free or for pay, must scrutinize their spending on web services. Therefore, iDigMedia has the ability to track all the documents downloaded by your customers. You'll be able to monitor the usage of your website for cost performance improvement and to calculate return on investment.

Virtual Library as a turnkey solution

iDigMedia is designed so that libraries can implement a Digital Asset Management system with minimal planning and execution. You only need to provide us with your CD library storage set for us to index. Once complete, we will make this index available both on-line and for the Library's in-house reference.

Free Library online while collecting data

In conjunction with our sister service,, libraries can collect their files on one of iDigMedia's servers and that data can immediately be hosted to the public. Once enough data has been collected, will burn the data to two DVDs; one for on-site retrieval at your library and the other for off-site retrieval via your web site portal at iDigMedia. Of course, once the files are burned to DVD, the DVD is then hosted on our site just like any other disk. iDigMedia will make both sets of data, wether hosted from our servers or hosted from your disks, accessable via the same Portal.

We are currently hosting over 20,000 obituary files of Kaufman County, Texas, which have been scanned, indexed, and stored on-line. This ancestry and genealogy site hosts files on-line and from archive disks in the same portal; you may visit their site by clicking here.

Offsite data storage for multiple library web sites

Most Libraries have sibling and children web sites which must also be feed the same library files. With no added cost, iDigMedia can make your portal available to other web sites just as it is available to your web site. The same media browser, search capability, and a free ebook download mechanism will be made available to all web sites.

Texas CISV certified

Applied Project Management Systems, DBA Assured Solutions, is certified in Texas as a Catalog Information System Vendor (CISV.) Our CISV services page may be seen at If your state or organization requires pre-authorization for doing business, please inform us early in the negotiation process so that all paperwork may be completed in a timely manner.

The Genealogy Web Site Hosting example site
Host your genealogy database

Please click here to go to the example website. We have the Census and Surveys from the turn of the 20th century to show iDigMedia's basic services. Please note that this genealogy web site differs from our customer's ancestry and genealogy web site mentioned above which contains the advanced services of on-line hosting, data archiving to compact disk, and CD library storage.

Start hosting your ancestry and genealogy web site

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