Corporate Graphics Asset Management Example Site:

iDigMedia has created this example web site to help Corporate Graphics Departments get acquainted with our services and capabilities. This example site shows the capabilities of our advanced on-site robots; if your needs are similar to what you see here, please contact us and discuss how we may serve you better.

Thumbnail gallery of your graphic dvd archive

A survey by Computer Graphics World showed that 41% of graphic groups store their closed jobs on CD or DVD archives. Therefore, it's not unusual to see stacks of disks lying around the office, unaccounted for, or possibly lost. The high resolution pictures and EPS files on that archive media cost thousands of dollars to create. iDigMedia helps your Graphic Design Service employees repurpose those images for other jobs by indexing the disks with a thumbnail gallery post for easy viewing and retrieval.

Brand dissemination

With no effort on your part, our iDigMedia service can help your company distribute your corporate brand to your field representatives, employees, or vendors, through a portal on your website. No more interruptions to you or your billable Designers to find and present your media. Our servers can dispense ANY kind of graphic image and eliminate the need to produce and distribute CDs which your Designers would otherwise mail to the customer.

Using a simple HTML frame reference, iDigMedia can incorporate into your website a free thumbnail gallery, search capability, and download mechanism for all your brand media. Only you will know that iDigMedia is doing the work behind the scenes.

iDigMedia will help you identify and collect your metrics on your archive media.

It is important to know which corporate brand identities are in demand. Therefore, iDigMedia has the ability to track all the files downloaded by your vendors and report those files back to you. You'll be able to monitor the usage of your website for performance improvement and to calculate return on investment. You can further expand the tracking to link in-house systems to iDigMedia via a customer ID or email address of your choosing.

Agency Digital Assets Management as a turnkey solution

iDigMedia is designed so that corporate graphics departments can implement a Digital Asset Management system with minimal planning and execution. We have been through this process many times over the past 10 years. By contracting with us, you are contracting with experts who have seen the job process of 150+ agencies as well as 20+ corporate graphic departments. We encourage your technical staff to use us as a free source of information so that they may setup the system that works best for your environment.

Off-site, plus on-line, storage

Most of our customers, who have made duplicate copies of their archive media, would keep those copies at an off-site vaulting facility. For many companies, this is a costly service with an almost 24 hour turn around time. iDigMedia can perform off-site vaulting, but for your dollar, you also get our immediate graphic design download service. This allows Designers and Freelance contractors to access job files from the office or home. In the event of a catastrophic disaster, your files are ready for you when your company moves to it's hotsite location.

Thumbnails gallery posting of files in your office

For a significantly reduced fee, we will host a thumbnail picture of your archived media on our servers WITHOUT hosting the physical media disks. This is a very cost effective solution for the graphics departments that want access to a thumbnail index of their archived files but also want to maintain those files on at their own offices. Please contact us at our information support line, , or 214/747-4411, for further details.

We do not expect you to always host the same disk year after year; especially those disks that do not meet your return on investment requirements. However, for any disk hosted with us for at least 12 consecutive months, we will also host the associated thumbnails for no additional charge as long as you are our customer. iDigMedia will maintain one central catalog of thumbnails for all your archive media.

iDigMedia Robots in your office

The iDigMedia service was created to put our robots on the web so that agencies can achieve their digital asset management goals without the costly outlay of capital and ongoing maintenance. However, for those corporate graphic departments with high volume of traffic and media, it may be more cost effective to purchase our iDigMedia Robots for onsite use; the typical cost starts around $40,000 and may increase depending on the amount of data that needs to be made accessible. Please contact us at our information support line, , or 214/747-4411, for further details.

The Corporate Graphics Department Example

This example is actually one customer who prefers to disseminate their corporate brand via the Internet. Although iDigMedia hosts this site as well as makes the branding media available for download, the web software running this Robot can be licensed for your on-site use. When media files need updating, the iDigMedia server is mounted to the Designer's Desktop and new graphic images are easily copied over into a dynamic directory structure; once in the directory structure, the media file is available for selection and free image download by field representatives.

Please click here to go to the example web site. Once you bypass the introduction, click on the "download graphics" link to access the dynamic directory structure. Our customer's only request is that you create a personalized login so that a record can be kept about who is accessing the files. There is no intention of contacting you nor distribution of your contact information.

Host your graphic dvd archives

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