Commercial Printer Example Site:

iDigMedia has created this example web site to help Service Bureau personnel get acquainted with our services and capabilities. Our example site shows only our most basic offerings. If you have any questions about our services or your needs extend beyond what you see here, please contact us and discuss how we may serve you better.

Digital Asset Management as a turnkey solution

Digital Asset Management for the Commercial Printer Industry
iDigMedia is designed so that small to medium size companies can implement a Digital Asset Management system with minimal planning and execution. We have been through this process many times over the past 10 years. By contracting with us, you are contracting with experts who have dealt with terabytes of data in single and multiple location shops.

The procedures we use are NOT new; any IT person looking to setup a Digital Asset Management solution should not be expected to "re-invent the wheel." We encourage your technical staff to use us as a FREE source of information so that they may set up the system that works best for your environment.

Your customers can access your files via your website

iDigMedia makes it easy to place your customers' print jobs on-line through a portal on your website. Customers can view and download their old print jobs 24x7, as well as pay iDigMedia for the service, with no effort on your part.

No more interruptions or non-billable requests to your staff to retrieve old print jobs.

Forever keep photo thumbnails of your print jobs

We do not expect you to always host the same disk year after year, especially those disks which contain one-time only customers; however, it is beneficial for Print Companies to see thumbnails of their old jobs. For any disk hosted with us for at least 12 consecutive months, we will continue to host the associated thumbnails for no additional charge after the disk has been removed from iDigMedia and for as long as you are an iDigMedia customer.

iDigMedia will maintain one central catalog of thumbnails for all your archive media.

Cover yourself from unexpected risks

Few print customers have any idea what printers go through to get jobs printed. Customer's often think that the files submitted to the Printer is the final modification of their print job. Rarely is this the case. Instead, employees with graphic design typography must modify print jobs to meet the requirements of the print equipment, modify color, and even fix typos that the customer missed! All these modifications severely cut into the cost of a print job which the Printer has committed to producing by a specified deadline. If something were to go awry after the print job is released, there could be a lot of fiduciary responsibility to go around. Therefore, it is very important to store your customer's original data files, as well as the printed files, on permanent write once optical data storage disks. iDigMedia has a sister service,, which can move your old print files from your computers and store them DVD archives.

Digital Asset Management for the Service Bureau Industry
The Commercial Printer Example site

Please click here to go to the example website. This commercial printer site is intended to show case how a customer might search and download their archived print job files. You can see this under the "Job Archives" tab on the demo site. A login and hierarchical directory structure of a customer's job files could easily be added to your site, similar to the Ad Agency site, along with the search mechanism.

Start your print company's optical data storage service

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