The History of iDigMedia

iDigMedia was first conceptualized by a photographer. The small business photographer attended one of our Digital Asset Management seminars held at the Apple Computer Marketing Center in Dallas, Texas. He wanted to know the cost for large image hosting, approximately 15,000 images in all, to sell stock photos on his web site. Unfortunately, the cost was way out of his price range since he was incorporated as a self-employeed photo studio.

Not too long after that, a corporate customer came to us with their corporate brand identity delivery problem. They were spending millions shipping CDs of their corporate logo out to field sales representatives. Besides shipping costs, a host of other problems pursued as you can read on our web site at We offered them a solution where by they could easily upload their brand identities to a web site and those identity files could be downloaded by the field representatives at any time. For the corporate customer, the cost to develop such a system was minimal compared to the savings.

However, the cost to host 15,000+ images for an independent photographer was still as too much. So we looked at the cost to support the corporate Auto-VIEW system, which also provided a free thumbnail gallery, and noticed that 90% of cost went to maintenance. Then we compared the cost of archive media maintenance; the cost was 87% less than on-line media maintenance. From this point on, we knew we'd have a solution for our photography customers!

It was a minor project connecting the "jukebox to the web," attaching a shopping cart, and checkout facilities. We feel we can now be a cost effective solution for many small business people as well as large corporate entities.

Rob Stokes
"Helping our clients increase productivity through measured performance."

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